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El Paso Texas 79936



Dr(s) Enoch & IJ Agunanne

Kingdom  Life Style Church, El Paso Texas

Welcome to the Kingdom place !

As pastors of this unique ministry, we take delight in welcoming you into Kingdom Encounter Church. You are not here by chance. You must know you are somebody and we respect that. Kingdom Life Style Church is an arm of Jesus Club International, the place to learn and adapt to kingdom life style, dominion, rediscovery, re-connection and re-establishment. Get connected, stay connected and connect others too.

ARISE AND SHINE. God has given you all you need to overflow with success in life. See you at the Kingdom place.

Rise and shine in El Paso, Texas. If you would like to connect with us, please feel free to reach at 915-222-4167. We like to have a glorious time of fellowship with you. 



This is a unique ministry that cares for your body, soul and spirit. 

Visit us today and find out why we are so different.


Kingdom Life Style Church

@ Hampton Inn

12205 Gateway Boulevard West

El Paso, Texas 79936

Service Time: Sundays 10:30 am