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The Kingdom Place!!!

Royal Dimension Chapel.  


Do you need a fresh start?

Having challenges and disappointments in your life, family, relationships, career, health, finance, work place, and other areas best known to you?

Do you need God to intervene in your life and situation?

Have a loved one who needs God?

Do you want the absolute best for your life?

Missing a life of royalty, distinction, and unending joy?

Do you desire true and enduring love in your life?

Want to convert your life battles into championship medals?

Does your heart tell you it’s time for a change in your life?

Then come to the lovely family of “Royal Dimension Chapel”.  

In Royal Dimension Chapel, you will encounter His Majesty, the King of Glory.

This encounter will set you up for a higher destiny that God has purposed for your life.

This encounter will release the special package that God specifically assembled for you.

Every aspect of your life will receive the touch of God.

You will learn to kiss goodbye to the troubles of life and welcome God’s kind of life.

You will be set up to operate with the power of God and enjoy supernatural breakthroughs.

Victories, promotions, good success, fulfilment, freedom, good health will become your new partners.

Dare to check out this brand new church in your neighborhood.

We preach and practice what we preach! No gimmes!

Bring someone to our special services every Sunday at 10.45 AM and encounter the new thing God is about to do in your life.

Come and find out why we are exceptionally Kingdom minded.

 See you at the Kingdom Place soon.

Royal Dimension Chapel at the  Royal Dimension Chapel