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Women's Spot

The following books are available in AMAZON:

The Billionaire Woman by Dr. IJ Agunanne (2018)

SHIFT-The Divine Move  by Dr. Enoch and IJ Agunanne (2017) is juicy, have you grabbed a copy yet?

The Reversed Protocol by Dr. IJ Agunanne (2016); in case you missed this one, you can still order a copy

Marriage Extraordinaire by Dr. IJ Agunanne 

Nobody has the
right to keep you

Welcome to Jesus Club International/3 Dimensional Women Conferences. I thank and bless Almighty God for each of you and for your support in our ministries. I decree and declare that, you shall find favor before God and when God's favor shines upon you, the favor of men will flow! Weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning!!! 

I am One SMART Chick

 This book captioned "I am one SMART Chick" is a must for all women.

This has always been our Women Conference Team slogan.

You are more than you think you are!

Designed and destined to win!

The 3D woman: Avoid Spiritual 419!

Ladies, do not let the enemy deprive you of your blessings by telling you lies. The bible says he is the father of all lies. So when next, he whispers to you that you cannot make it, just remember, he is trying to trick you! Do not neglect the power of a praying Mary, the faith of the woman with issue of blood, the weeping of Mary Magdalene, the kitchen Martha and Mary who chose the better part!

Life without Jesus is like a doughnut!

The life filled with Christ

Like the popular saying that life without Jesus ia like a doughnut. So is any one lacking fulfillment from the Lord. A doughnut has a whole (vacuum) in the middle. But if you are filled with Christ, then from the beginning of the year to the end of the year, God's everlasting arms are under us and if that is the case, be rest assured that your years will be filled with all the goodness in His hands.

Do not loose sight...

An uplifting book!

Dearly beloved. Let us be mindful of our dreams, goals and desires. Some may call it mere wishes. The one important thing is for you not to lose sight of your dream. My new book will encourage you and keep you focused as you trust God in a year filled with His goodness.  You can grab a copy from the link below. I promise you, blessings will follow! Do not loose sight!

Sing for joy
El Paso!

We are here to impact your life!

Welcome to Royal Dimension Chapel, El Paso Texas. We are looking forward to seeing you, connecting with you and being a great blessing to you.

As we serve you in all humility, please allow us to be of a tremendous blessing to you.  We are limited to serve you in that capacity when we cannot fellowship with you. Pick up the phone and call us at 915-300-3677 or more better, see you at the Royals!

Marriage Extraordinaire

Your Marriage Booster book!

Marriage is meant to be enjoyed and not endureA lot of people are enduring marriage, instead of enjoying marriage. This is a great eye opener book. Whether you are newly married, married a long time or about to wed; you will not be bored finding the answers you need. Aren't you curious to find out how to make your marriage an extraordinary one.